Working with Orchid Fertilizer Safely for Healthy Plants

Working with Orchid Fertilizer Safely for Healthy Plants


Choosing to apply orchid plant food is often a great advantage to your plants but if you do not take a little care it could possibly ruin them all together, sometimes leading to their deaths. Orchids can be extremely vulnerable to plant food if used in the incorrect volumes, special care ought to be taken so that you can prevent almost any problems. Below are a few recommendations to successfully get started with orchid fertilizers in a safe way to ensure your plants can thrive.

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It is important to use orchid fertilizer in the correct amount and at the proper time of the growing season. Orchid flowers have certain periods when they grow very robustly and produce masses of flowers. It is during these times that orchids expend a considerable amount of energy, thus, making this a great time for making the plant food applications more frequent. It is advisable to apply the feed more often rather than just increase the feed concentration.

Avoid fertilizers that may contain urea. Urea is really a definite no-go area, orchid flowers can’t handle it. Lots of standard, general plant foods designed for home use often include urea. This particular chemical substance is considered inappropriate for orchid flowers and it is wise to avoid this. Read the labels on any fertilizer package thoroughly to check if they contain urea.

The majority of people apply liquid fertilizers to orchid flowers as this is a reliable as well as manageable procedure. Finding a spray container and using liquid orchid fertilizer is the perfect method to use whenever managing orchid flowers. Use a reduced rate of virtually any plant food you are giving to the orchid flowers as they tend to be quite sensitive. Try to make sure that your particular plants and flowers get ample water drainage, especially in the growing time whenever you will be using plant foods continually. Salts and minerals can build up within the plant compost over time and these need to be cleared to avoid burning. This is called flushing and simply means flooding the compost to completely clean away the extra salts which build up. Good drainage will help to keep the root systems free from rotting when so much water is being used.

Almost all types of orchid will benefit from some fertilizer. You will see improved health and vigor but most importantly the effect on the quantity of flowers can be amazing – if you take a little care.

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