Weeping Cherry Trees – Improve Your Backyard Landscape

Weeping Cherry Trees – Improve Your Backyard Landscape


Weeping cherry trees are a great way to improve your gardening landscape. This type of tree has the ability to grow to  20 and even 30 feet in height; now if you ask me, that is a good source of shade on a picnic day. If you are interested in purchasing weeping cherry trees, you should shop around carefully because the prices may range from $8.95 to $90! This is all dependent on the size tree you would like.

cherry tree

You can spot a weeping cherry tree easily due to the lovely pink blooms. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular. If you live in the United States and are in the hardiness zones 4 and 5, then these trees will grow well. You may find these trees as seedlings at your local garden retailer but this is rare as they grow very rapidly and require larger containers and space which are usually only found in larger gardening stores. Weeping cherry trees are also sold as saplings with root balls.

These trees cannot be grown as indoor plants or better yet, are not advised to (or you will be pruning these trees 24/7).  When you are ready for planting, a space in your garden should already be plotted, within which they are no other trees or plants for at least a distance of 20 feet.

Lastly, before you purchase seeds or a sapling, remember that due to the popularity of weeping cherry higan trees, they are sold almost everywhere but unfortunately, they cannot be grown everywhere. Prior research necherry treeeds to be conducted to prove that your plot area has favorable conditions for its growth and prosperity along with the correct hardiness zone.

Now let’s look at the prices of these cherry trees. As stated earlier, the prices may range from $8.95 to $90. Starting at the lowest price range would be cherry seedlings which are usually more difficult to find but also the most cost-effective. The average price is  $50 and they are usually small trees which normally have to be transported by truck or delivered from the garden store to where it needs to be planted. All in all, weeping cherry trees are great plants to have in your home garden for the simple fact that they provide an aesthetic appeal. Happy plant-shopping!

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