Red Rose Shopping in Canada

Red Rose Shopping in Canada


I went out the other day to find the best deal on one red rose I could find locally, but ended up coming home with 11 more red roses for the same price one single flower would have cost me. That’s a pretty good deal on a dozen red roses if you ask me.

I thought, seeing as how it’s been some time since we’ve started to date, and my girlfriend told me early on in our relationship that the ‘flowers stop’ as the relationship grows and settles down from the gee whiz we’re dating period to the much more stable period where we just are together. And she’s right after a while relationships do settle to a more preferable and comfortable level where we are just there for each other, regardless.

Artificial Red Rose with Prickly Stem H 60 cm

But, you don’t want to get too, too, settled in your ways and either a single red rose, or an entire bouquet can make somebody’s day for one simple reason and that is the fact that you stopped your busy life long enough to say “I love you”, and really that’s all you need to do and there’s no better way of saying I love you than with one bouquet or even a single red rose stem.

When shopping for red roses in Canada you have four choices to make:

Delivery: Hand Delivered by you, or buy the flowers online and have them sent.

Price: One rose will be cheaper. A dozen gets you more.

So what’s a guy to do? I have found the best deals on roses at my local grocer, of all places. I live in Toronto in Canada, and my grocery store offers the best flowers at the best prices I can find. I surprised her with two dozen red roses for much, much less than she thinks I paid for them and cost me less than half price than if I were to buy red roses online.

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