Organic Based Fertilizers As An Alternate To Compost

Organic Based Fertilizers As An Alternate To Compost


Making a compost pit can be very tiring. First you have to collect all these biodegradable materials and then dig up a hole in your backyard which is so tiring since you have to make sure that the hole is deep enough, at least 1.5 meters deep and 2 meters wide. Most people would say that you can throw in any biodegradable and organic components in the compost pit like kitchen scraps and backyard wastes, but this is not really true. You still need to select what ‘ingredients’ you would have to use for your compost pit so they decompose nicely and nourish the soil. You can’t use anything oily or fatty like meat scraps and you shouldn’t use sawdust in your pit since it slows down the decomposition of the ‘ingredients’ you are using. After wards you would have to cover it and wait for as long as six to eight weeks before you can actually use the soil for gardening. All these just take too much effort and too much time.

If you want your plants to grow faster, what you can do is use a fertilizer. But refrain using chemical based fertilizers especially if you want to grow chemical free and completely organic plants. Choose an organic based fertilizer instead.

There are many types of organic fertilizers available now-a-days. There are a lot of different companies that are in the business of providing quality organic fertilizers with pure ingredients that would be perfect for nourishing your plants and vegetables.

The good thing about organic based fertilizers is that they are good for the environment. You wouldn’t have to worry about any harmful effects like chemical run offs and water pollution as a side effect. Organic fertilizers are also best for keeping soil natural and fertile and according to studies, organic gardening results to less green house gasses than agrichemical farming.

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